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Flowserve Pump Division, Hengelo ov, the Netherlands

Project Administrator, Jan 11, 2018

I started at Flowserve early May 2016 as a Project Administrator, until July 2017.

Flowserve is an American company. It’s headquarters, Flowserve Corporate, is in Irving Texas, USA.
From the headquarters, the decision was made that a couple of affiliates in Europe would be closed. Unfortunately, the affiliate in Hengelo Overijssel, the Netherlands was one of them. This caused the employees to search for another job. Soon the desks and departments became empty and the colleagues, still working there, got overwhelmed by the tasks that still remained.

By several personnel-/secondment companies, temporary employees where hired who could work independent, having experience and picking up new tasks easily. By one of those companies, Tjellens, I was hired for the department for documentation such as certificates, manuals, fabrication documentation, etc. Of the 5 colleagues who used to work there, only 3 remained at this department. One of them worked for 24 hours a week, the other worked 32 hours a week and number three was about to leave. I was hired so I could take over the tasks of this colleague. I worked 36 hours a week.

It was important that the new colleague easily picked up his/her duties and could work independently, due to the high level of workload, caused by fewer staff. My colleague, who worked 24 hours a week, told our boss that she was happy with me, when he asked her how I was doing. She told our chef that I have indeed easily picked up my duties. A positive result, because now she could give me the tasks of the departed colleague, which was given to her temporarily.

The projects of Flowserve Hengelo, the Netherlands, were spread among the European affiliates. However, not all of them. A few projects remained in Hengelo. With the three of us from the department where the documentation was handled, we took care of the transfer of the projects and for the correct administration of the projects Hengelo needed to take care for. Early August, my colleague – the one who taught me and gave me instructions – left Flowserve and a few weeks later my other colleague left Flowserve. From that moment on, till July 2017, I took care of the remained projects. And the last six months only one project was left and with the Project Manager from South-Korea, the Project Engineer and me, we could finalize this last project too.

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